Stars at the bottom of the ocean

What could be common between the distant galaxies in the cosmos and the dark bottoms of the oceans? What is the connection of physical mechanisms driving large-scale geological processes with our everyday lives? And how can we use state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence to define the new generation of instruments to reach the unknown?

RAMONES (RAdioactivity Monitoring in OceaN EcosystemS) is a new European Union Horizon2020-funded project as part of the Field Emerging Technologies “Environmental Intelligence” Call, to be launched officially on Jan 1st, 2021. A consortium of inter- and multi-disciplinary scientists lead by our NuSTRAP team at the Department of Physics, University of Athens have been awarded funding to attempt the impossible: provide continuous, long-scale monitoring of radioactivity levels in oceans in an attempt to study phenomena related to natural hazards and man-made activities.

The project is about to start and more details will unfold as we materialize our vision for the future engineering technologies that will support our fundamental scientific questions. Human curiosity is the driving force behind progress and well-being. Join our RAMONES family to find out about more.

twitter: @ramones_eu

instagram: @ramones_eu

facebook: RAMONES project


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