Particle drag race leads to most precise estimate yet of the proton’s mass

Here’s an odd little story. Two physicists confined two ions in an electromagnetic trap and made them turn laps for weeks on end to compare their masses with exquisite precision. From that measurement and one borrowed from another team, they then derived the most precise estimate yet of the proton’s mass: 1.007276466574 atomic mass units […]

Υπέροχο Τίποτα

Είναι αυτή η παγωνιά που ζεσταίνειΤο πρωινό μετά τη γιορτήΤ´αλλόκοτο βλέμμα σου που δε με χορταίνειΚι η λέξη που κρατάς για το τέλος εσύ Υπέροχο τίποτα η ανάσα σου ζαλίζειΜα πάνω σου κρατιέμαι ζωντανόςΥπέροχο τίποτα η γλώσσα σου με σκίζειΑφήνοντας σημάδια που δε σβήνει ο καιρός Γιάννης Αγγελάκας, Υπέροχο Τίποτα (1993)

Fresh look

Just a quick post to let everybody know about the update of my personal website. Still in the same URL ( but with a different style and clean contents. My AnIsotopia blog will continue to be linked across to provide posts, artwork and news or links I find interesting, so keep your subscription active. I […]


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