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It is just a little shy of three years already from the last time I had posted something on the content-blogging magazino nuclear-physics I used to curate on a -almost- daily basis. Given the specialized scientific content, among other magazinos with marketing and business-oriented content, the nuclear physics stuff I used to post did not actually go very bad receiving some interesting recognition.

A change in policy and the severe limitations in the number of articles one could curate put a good brake to this activity. I either had to pay a rather expensive monthly subscription fee or delete my 2500+ entries already listed in the site and limit myself to… 50 max shown online.

So after three years of absence and while respecting the interesting material curated over almost a decade, I took the brave step to reset the magazino and make a fresh start. The result is already online and you could possibly subscribe to it, if you like it. I am still not sure how long I will keep using this service with the (very) limited content, but my decision to give it one more shot is here and strong at this time. Leave your comment below if you like.


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