How to Measure Someone’s Height Using Your iPhone 12 Pro

I read this title and it is all about advertising the new lidar sensor the iPhone 12 Pro carries, which can be used for various things, apparently now for measuring your kid’s height.

But I read it and what pops immediately in my mind is the crazy idea that Mr Rundall Munroe, of the spectacular xkcd fame (who already rushed to create a strip about iPhone 12) can take advantage of it to create one or more cartoons.

For example, I suggest you visualize the following:

  • Lift the iPhone 12 Pro at your kids height, release it, let it smash on the floor, measure time duration of the free fall
  • use reflectance changes on the super duper new screen as it moves from head to toe. Light absorption due to the air layer is proportional to the change
  • put a wifi transmmitter at your kids ear or big toe, measure signal intensity changes as you move away from it to the other end
  • many more

My favorite of course, is put your iPhone in its case, take a meter stick and measure your kid. Old-fashioned, reliable way.




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