Live: The Cheenaskees @The Chill Bar (2/11/2019)

I always enjoy old school RnR music. Last night I had the luck to be invited to a live gig in The Chill Bar, which has built a RnR name in the local scene, bringing old and young artists and bands. Last night was The Cheenaskees. It happens I know the lead singer and frontman Stamos Christakos, and despite my earlier attempts to attend of their dynamic lives, this was my first time to be able to make it.

I am not gonna go into details, you’d better make room in your plans next time The Cheenaskees play live some place around Athens. Almost two hours of uninterrupted RnR music with lots of garage and surf and punk rock covers in their playlist. And what a loyal audience! Really I had a great time.

Here is a little video I managed to record with my cellphone, but you may get the spirit of last night’s gig (surprise guest star The Dude).

Next live is Jan 3rd, follow their fb page for more details.


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