Advances in Nuclear Physics

My dream to upgrade the status of the Proceedings of the Annual Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society has finally passed the first critical phase: Six Five recent volumes, those from years 20132014 to 2018 are now fully available online, under the Creative Commons license, on the National Accreditation Center (

People interested to see our “Advances in Nuclear Physics” and link to our community, please visit the archive here:

Articles will soon be assigned their unique DOI number as has been stated in the MoU we have signed with EKT, thus facilitating the dissemination of the published results. More volumes will be added soon, after the hard copies have been converted to electronic documents. Some people will have to rip off the hard cover volumes existing from 1991 when the first symposium took place, and digitize their pages before uploading the content to the website.

If you are a fellow researcher, consider participating to our Annual Symposia, this year it will take place in Thessaloniki. It’s fun and you might end up strengthening your international collaborations with Greek nuclear scientists working on a variety of projects.

You have comments on the Proceedings? Feel free to contact me