The Periodic Table of Songs

Combining art to physics has been pursued by several people around the globe. Some of the works produced are spectacular and provide solid proof that physics hides a strong artistic nature in its fundamentals and vice versa. Music is also a form of art that has found a fertile ground in Physics borrowing ideas and concepts to create magnificent pieces of music. Songs and music performances often carry the names of well-known scientists or even names of the atomic elements. The latter has been the main motivation behind the project I named “The Periodic Table of Songs”.

What is the Periodic Table of Songs? Nothing but a compilation of songs and music that carry the name of elements found in the Mendeleyev’ Periodic Table of Elements, in the version existing shortly after the recent announcement by IUPAC on the addition of four more elements, listed before by their numeric value in latin.

The Periodic Table of Songs

With the help of Spotify‘s music service I spent some time and tracked down songs and musical pieces carrying the name of each element, starting from Hydrogen, to  helium, all the way up to Oganesson (Z=118). There are 3 or 4 lacking a correspondence (such as Rutherfordium or Meitnerium; a pity!) to a title of a song, but overall the Periodic Table of Songs seems complete. I tried to be minimalistic in my choices, meaning I prefered songs having a title of the mere element’s name over other more popular choices that had it as part in a longer phrase.

You can find the link here. I’m always open to comments of feedback, so drop me a line if you have something to add or correct.