Call to the arms

From the very first time I joined the Department of Physics I invested significant time in recruiting undergraduate students, especially freshmen or sophomore, to work on small-scale, real scientific projects with research potential. 5 years after I can look back and see a very prolific record of results, lots of enthusiasm and fast development of perspective professional scientists. I am really happy that my decision to overcome my hesitation in getting undergrads involved into real research has been a right one; a career-defining one.

This semester I have many more students in the first year of their studies applying for working with me. It is not only the fact that the work of previous students has been advertised or even transformed to conference posters. I think it is much more than that. This year, the available projects have been gradually reached a high-level of quality despite the very limited (almost completely absent) budget. I have set our new standards for quality work and try to work on interesting, cutting-edge research in nuclear science and applications.

I am optimistic that the challenges placed for students at this level will be a great motivation for them in acquiring new skills and gain important experience towards scientific development. We have a tough road ahead, but our will is our weapon.

Good luck to all joining our team. I promise I will stand close by you in your first steps.