Some (nuclear structure) utilities

Working in nuclear physics you often find yourself in need of small things that will make your life a loootttt. easier. Sometimes they are small tools to help you grab that damn screw that fell in the chamber with limited access or small bites of code you can use on the fly to calculate this or that.

Some years back I invested some time to develop a few utilities that perform quick calculations of little, but useful things. I remembered one of them, a javascript program that calculates B(E2) values, trying to find the Weisskopf units of a particular transition I was interested in and thought I should let people know about them. You never know who’s going to find it useful.

A couple of them are very specialized, but give them a try. Despite the old looks, the power of calculations is still fresh.

If you like them or have an idea how to make them better, drop me a note