Postcards for this year’s Holiday Season

Midnight is my time of the day (night) when inspiration hits me. Last night I was thinking of Christmas postcards I want to send to friends and relatives. I have no time to draw my own graphics on a piece of paper; however I found the time to pop PS up and design a set of postcards with a somewhat romantic character to send out.

I put them below with an accompanying message/wish that you can handwrite in the inner sleeve of the card before you put it the envelope. Or better, choose your own to write. All cards come as PDF, intended to be printed on a 130mm x 190mm piece of paper, preferably of 140 g/cm2 quality. Fold them in the middle, put them in an envelope, stick a stamp, mail out!

Feel free to share (but give credit please to DuoPlasmatron Artworks). I hope you enjoy them.



“Dreams are like balloons. Happy New Year!” [get the card]



“New Year comes with a bang!” [get the card]


Couple making a toast

Cheer up! Happy New Year!” [get the card]



Let’s Dance our butts off”[get the card]


Elves cutting the year's tree

Elves almost done cutting down the tree of the Earth” [get the card]


Felix Da kat

Hurray! New Year’s here, Felix!” [get the card]


Christmas Dinner

Come on sweetie, we’ll have fun tonight at dinner” [get the card]