A crystal ball for a nuclear alchemist

A week ago I was invited to talk about the International Year of Light (#IYL2015). IYL2015 is luminously celebrated all around the world as directed by the United Nations, and UNESCO in particular. After the Athens Science Festival that I had the honor to be its Physics curator, where IYL2015 was celebrated for the first time in Greece, the “Astropyli” Astronomy Club in Serres decided to dedicate their annual August event to light. I talked about light and its significance from very small to very large dimensions. It was a fantastic night despite the clouds cluttering the sky till early evening. Sky was clear when my talk was over and people rushed to use telescopes and binoculars to observe the moon, the stars and nebulae at an a elevation of 1300 m. Cold it was; Gloriously joyful, too.

Here is the picture of me holding a crystal ball awarded to me at the end of my talk.
Thank you Astropyli! I have already marked my calendar for next year’s event.