p-process Workshop 2015

p-process workshop 2015: status and outlook
Limassol, Cyprus, June 10 – June 13, 2015

First circular
We are happy to announce the continuation of the successful series of workshops related to the nucleosynthesis of the p nuclei with the title “p process 2015 workshop”. The workshop will take place at the Mediterranean Beach Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus from June 10th to June 13th, 2015.

The workshop will cover topics related to the nucleosynthesis of the neutron-deficient isotopes known as p nuclei including astrophysical calculations for the synthesis of the p nuclei, theoretical calculations of reaction rates for the p process and their uncertainties, experimental investigations of reaction rates in regular and inverse kinematics, and meteoritic data and grains related to the p process.

We plan to have invited talks that will give a broader overview on these topics. In addition, we will have contributed talks that discuss in more detail recent results and future plans related to p-process nucleosynthesis.

We strongly encourage young researchers to join the workshop and present their work. Thanks to our generous sponsors JINA, NAVI, HIC for FAIR, and NSCL we will be able to offer some financial support for participants without own funding by request. Details on the allocation procedure will be available in the second circular.

Please visit the workshop’s webpage for further and regularly updated information.

With best wishes,
Artemis Spyrou and Kerstin Sonnabend (on behalf of the organizing committee)